Mountainview Mixes

NOW you can buy Made in Canada Pelican Bay products. We have worked with Pelican Bay for over 10 years as an importer serving the Canadian market. By making these great products in Canada, we are saving you the currency exchange, and the inbound transportation and brokerage costs. We are creating jobs in Canada and buying as many ingredients locally as possible.

Wholesale prices start at $5.00 – call or email for pricing.

Pelican Bay’s exceptional recipes, quality and design are now more affordable than ever! We can also create custom recipes and items. Let’s work together to bring the Canadian consumer some great product and bring innovation, life, and excitement to your Baking and Beverage assortments. See PDFs of our catalogue by clicking the menu links.

Call 604-831-7794 or E Mail for prices and information.

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Free Samples available to qualified retailers, so you can see our dynamic packaging and taste how good these fabulous items really are!

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